Chris Glover Yoga

Restorative Yoga This special workshop is geared in finding the antidote to stress, which is relaxation. Learning to relax is the heart of living well. Restorative poses that I lead will help relieve the effects of chronic stress, which can build up in the body and lead to disease and discomfort. Scientific study supports the effectiveness of progressive relaxation to reduce muscle tension, insomnia, and improve circulation and digestion. By supporting the body with props in long holdings, we sooth the parasympathetic nervous system and relax the body toward balance. Restorative yoga is especially beneficial for those times when we are stressed, weak and fatigued. 
                Letting go a little improves life. Letting go a lot brings happiness and joy. - Jim McGregor

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Twists  when properly executed  are a powerful tool to de-stress, bring us into balance, good health and give us a more satisfying view. Spinal twists are the remedy for twisting out our physical, mental and emotional tension. When we feel tangled in stress our perspective of life is limited. Spinal twists turn us around and help us look in other directions.
Twists activate the solar plexus, the digestive system and the third chakra which governs our sense of personal power, will and energy. The twisting postures also energize the spinal column, hydrate the vertebral discs and strengthen the spinal nerves.


Partner Yoga is a practice, which brings two people together into partnership through yoga postures. It acknowledges and honors the power of two people, yet it is ultimately a journey to look deep within ourselves. Partner yoga expands awareness and boundaries while improving balance, strength and flexibility. Bring a partner or partner with someone in class. “Like any chemical reaction, when two things make contact, both are transformed,”

- Carl Jung.

The Chakras are the psychic map of the body’s energy centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, spinning vortexes of energy or ”circle of light.” They are a metaphysical system comprised of seven major energy centers in the etheric body.  They correspond with the seven major plexuses which run along the central nerve ganglia of the spinal column.  The chakras are the portals which unify the mind, body, spirit and matter.  As we associate the characteristics of each chakra with our individual patterns and habits we can then liberate the blocked energy. When our chakras come into equilibrium the prana or kundalini shakti rises from the base of the spine to the top of the head awakening the consciousness and our unity with the universe.

In this workshop we will learn the characteristics of the chakras and their influence on our well being. We will experience the balancing of each chakra through movement, postures, the bija mantras, sounds associated with each vortex, journaling and guided imagery. Take a journey to experience the union of the mind body and spirit through the chakras. 

The Art of Sequencing is a workshop for yoga teachers and experienced students who want to enhance their knowledge of the principles and techniques of sequencing postures to empower their practice and teaching. In this workshop we will learn the relationships between the asanas, what to include to prepare the body for the next posture and how to craft a session to make yoga more accessible, sustainable and transforming. 

Acupressure Ball Yoga is a profound tool to relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body. The exercises in Acupressure Ball Yoga are an integration of several ancient holistic methods for health maintenance. When tension accumulates around points and muscles, it blocks the energy from flowing properly, thus creating an excess of energy in one area of the body and a deficiency in another. Energy is manipulated by controlled pressure and placement of the balls on the body, stretching certain nerves and muscles to release tension as well as stimulating the acupressure points, which awaken the meridians that nourish all the internal organs and systems of the body. At the end of a session the body and mind are relaxed, open and healthy.